Firmware Design

We work with you to design and develop the firmware at the heart of your hardware.

Application Software

We build your end-user application software including drivers and installation packages.

Hardware Debugging

We work with you at all phases of the product from design to prototype through to manufacture. We can debug your hardware.

Hardware Automated Testing

We have experience in automated testing of electronics products speeding up your production lines and delivering high-quality data and traceability.

Our Services

Firmware Development

From simple devices powered by small micro-controllers such as an 8-bit Microchip PIC all the way up to full blown embedded systems backed by an RTOS, we can build it. We bring your device to life! Our languages of choice are C and C++ with a sprinkling of assembly where required.


We have extensive experience of digital electronics hardware and debugging troublesome boards. When a CPU isn't the right fit, we can develop VHDL for FPGAs to realise your more demanding applications.

Software Development

We develop software covering a range of software domains from end-user applications supporting your hardware (including drivers and installation packages) to multi-user database-driven web-based applications.

Testing, Testing, 1. 2. 3...

All our software and firmware undergoes extensive, logged testing before delivery. We use techniques such as unit-testing continuous integration and static analysis to reduce the risk of bugs.


Firmware is built using the MISRA standards (2012) to help improve reliability and ease static analysis. We can also work with you to incorporate your own standards as agreed.


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